High School Percussion Ensemble - 6:15 - $30


Evolutions is intended as something that the audience would “experience” rather than watch and listen to. It opens with a simple marimba motive being played by a single player in the center/ front, and over the course of time evolves to a full ensemble that surrounds the audience in an encompassing experience including electronics and off stage percussion. As it closes, it
peels back the layers to unveil the lone motive with which it began. I encourage the audience to sit back and close their eyes to best “experience” this piece.


Glockenspiel - Dark Sus, Aluphone, 10" Splash

Vibe 1 - Woodblocks, Doumbek, Wind Chimes, China

Vibe 2 - Temple Blocks, China

Marimba 1 - Wind Gong, High Sizzle, Low Sizzle, Crotales

Marimba 2, 3, 4

Multi 1 - Concert Bass Drum, Lg. Sus, Med. Sus, EFX,Wind Gong, Tam Tam, Wind Chimes, Concert Toms, Hi-Hat, Echo Tree, Chimes, Small Caxixi

Multi 2 - Tam Tam, Concert Bass Drum, Djembe, Lg. Sus, Dark Sus, Wind Gong, EFX, Wind Chimes, Echo Tree, Med. Sus, Chimes

Hall Players - Cajon, Pea Pod Rattle, Goat Hoof Rattle, Cluster Chimes, Patio Chimes, Finger Cymbals